The 2021 Firework Shortage

Due to issues that have been blamed on Brexit and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic we are facing an interesting year in the UK fireworks industry.

We have been advised by every supplier that there will be a range of items that will simply not be in the UK in time for November 5th this year. Other items are limited in supply, and others have dramatically increased in price.

The truth is as the same in many other industries at the moment. A majority of the fireworks for sale in the UK are manufactured in China. As we have all seen on the news there is ongoing issues with products being shipped from China. From shortage of containers and vessels. To the recent blockage in the Suez Canal. Not forgetting shutdowns in Chinese factories due to Covid and also centenary celebrations.

The shipping issues have the biggest impact. From early this year shipping costs from China across the world have increased significantly affecting all industries that import goods. The current cost for bringing a container of fireworks from China has risen 250% in the past ten months. Unfortunately these additional costs are passed down to the consumer, as such you will notice that some prices have increased this year.

We have worked hard with our suppliers to source additional stock to take the place of some items that simply will not arrive, and to offer the best possible selection given the current circumstances.

We are hoping for a better position for New Years Eve but in our personal opinion there will little improvement by then. Hopefully 2022 will see a better situation.

May we thank you for your continued support. Stay safe and have a great Bonfire Night.

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