Recital Display Package


This display will provide a spectacular and impacting display fully choreographed to the music of your choice. Firing from multiple stations across the site to give a massive spread in the sky with effects bursting into a large range of spectacular colours. Special effect multishot cakes will provide a stunning array of vivid colours and huge bursts from the aerial shells that create large canopies of stars that unfold into the night sky. Building to the huge finale of aerial shells, mines and large bore cakes – simply stunning.

The whole display contains over 35 different sequences.

Recommended Duration: 7 to 10 Minutes
Maximum Duration:
 15 to 18 Minutes
Number of Firing positions: 5 Stations across the site to give a wide spread of effects.
Biggest Shell Size: 150mm
Biggest Candle Size: 50mm
Biggest Cake Size: 50mm