Professional Firework Displays To Music

Our Professional Firework Displays To Music start as low as £1125. This includes our professional qualified firework team setting up the fireworks at your venue, setting off the fireworks using the latest digital firing system and then cleaning up the site after themselves.

We can start the display at any time you wish providing we comply with current legislation. Which states that with the exception of bonfire night, New Years Eve and Diwali fireworks are not permitted after 11pm.

ireworks to music displays are now more popular than ever and we have created a range of packages to suite all couples.

This is when we create a specular fireworks display that is fully choreographed to music using the latest computerized firing systems. This ensures split second accuracy with the fireworks and the music working together to create a stunning fireworks display.

You can choose anything from a single piece of music, to multiple soundtracks depending on the length and size of your fireworks display. Everything is tailored to your exact requirements.

Our service is completely bespoke, we will design and fire the fireworks displays with music of your choice.

All of our firework displays to music include professional sound speakers and sound system for the music to be played on..