Raging Spiders
43 Shot Barrage


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Now here is a firework that really is so unique and spectacular to watch, the Raging Spider certainly lives up to its name. This fantastic back garden fountain from Bright Star Fireworks is sure to be popular with children and adults alike.

As it commences you may be tricked into thinking this fountain is tame. This false sense of security makes the sudden eruption of incredible cracking spiders, even better. Watch the Raging Spider produce the most beautiful, colourful red and green glitter bursts. Ending with what you’ve been waiting for, the whole outer ring fires off in just a few seconds, filling every direction of the night sky you can imagine. A truly wow moment!

It’s perfect for delivering a show finale, leaving your audience in complete awe. Here’s what some of our lovely Galactic Fireworks customers think about it:

‘It starts out slow with a shower of sparks, then into a series of shots with good breaks, but the finish with such a huge burst is what the children really like. It always surprises them and the smiles on their face are priceless.’

‘The effect on this firework is just like a magic roundabout, everytime I set it off I can’t wait for it to fire the final load in its 360 degree glory.”




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43 Shot Barrage”
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