Chain Reaction
170 Shot Barrage


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Get in the middle of a Chain Reaction! With a series of effects from this mixed effect and firing patterned barrage. With overwhelming coloured tails heading to the skies. Before scattering is blue stars and silvery fish. White strobe with red and green stars burst at over 90 feet in the air. Before lemon and blue stars with silver whistling tails. The vast variety of effects continues under the guise of red tails to bright red strobes with blue pearls. While green tails reach up before bursting into purple stars with green strobes. With ever-increasing effects in golden tails to golden crackling willows, blue tails to more blue star silverfish. Culminating in a silver tail to crackle finale. Excellent duration of nearly 2 minutes.


Zeus Fireworks


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170 Shot Barrage”
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